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! This game is incomplete and still in progress, updated 3-Jun-2022 !

Title: Little Red of Ridinghood

Pitch: The town of Ridinghood is troubled by an enchantress, the "Scarlet Wytch". Can the famous monster hunter, "Blackwolf" help, or will he too succumb to her twisted magics?

Format: A short & simple time management game with a slow tg transformation theme.

• Incomplete, about 30-40 minutes of playtime currently. Much, much more to come.

• HTML Twine game
• Over 100,000 words & 2,000+ lines of coding
• First 6 days complete (including intro)
• First 10-15 transformations complete 
• Working player avatar

• Entry for the "Ye Olde Storybooke TF Tyme!" contest at TFGamessite.com
• In addition to incomplete, the game is VERY unpolished, so apologies for misspellings, bugs, dead-ends, and all the other features we love about in-progress Twine games.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(40 total ratings)
AuthorDesiDee Games
GenreRole Playing
Made withTwine
TagsAdult, breast-expansion, Erotic, Fantasy, Singleplayer, time-management, transformation, Transgender
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Little Red of Ridinghood 0.2.0 30 MB
Little Red of Ridinghood 0.1.0 25 MB

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I love your sense of humor!  Just found Bad End #1, love it!


Bug reports can contain spoilers, do they go here, though?  I'll make it vague, but specific enough you'd be able to find it in the code.  A minor thing.  This text appeared for me, "a few times this way, $Missnic cooing in delight"



"Before you know it, dinner is long over and it's nearly time to go to bed.

Error: HTML tag "w" is not closed"I hope you didn't have too much fun"

Awesome! Thank you so much for both of these! I'll fix them both in the next release.

Also a double thank you for taking so much care with spoilers!

are you going to continue this story? or is it dead? really like it


Hello! Yes, this is still in production, apologies for the very slow updates!


Glad to hear, with so many projects being suddenly abandoned, was worried this would join the pile


when we seeing the next release?

Sorry for keeping you waiting! I'm trying to finish the next update before the middle of November. Unfortunately, my time available to write has become pretty limited and sporadic. I will not abandon the game though, no matter how long it takes.


I think my windows hate this game. I never get clear pictures. What should I do?

Hi! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble. Could you please tell me more? What do you mean that the pictures are not clear? Are they fuzzy or pixelated? No clear background?

As a guess, the images are all PNGs which can cause problems with some older browsers (IE, Opera). So switching to a browser like Firefox, Edge, or Chrome might help.

None of them helped.


I hope you can manage to update this soon, it is really good


Found this game through TF games. You throw like a girl from VIM, and the sadly canceled E-wardrobe are my favorite TF games from the site, or WERE till I found this sucker. (well if I'm honest it's still tied with YTLAG but the more content this gets tighter that lead becomes.)
The high production value, wonderful premise, and tantalizing transformations, are like nothing I've ever seen. I am a broke ass full time collage student, I am unemployed, and live with my parents. So when I tell you I'm about to drop you $20 because I'm that impressed, that excited, and THAT desperate to see this project completed and not abandoned, know I mean every single word.

TLDR: keep up the good work, your doing great sweaty.

(1 edit) (+2)

OK so I just realized your the guy/gal/non who's behind the changing room, forgotten, and perchance to dream. AKA the first TF games I played... EVER. HELL YEAH you get $20, your games rock, you rock! rock on you funky little worm.


Wow! Thank you so much! Not just for the compliment and the twenty, but especially for the comparisons! YTLAG and E-Wardrobe are also my favorite games on TF-games, and the benchmark I strive for. Being compared to those absolutely blows my mind! Thank you so much!


Cannot wait for the update i wont lie


Thank you! It's going a bit slow this update (summer is the busiest season at work). But progress is happening. Got the town video ready, half the NPC images, and about 25 pages of content. Just a little under half way I think!


The game is great and I'm looking forward to further updates


This game is pretty awesome, pretty adorable. Please don't give up on this Desi Dee.

很棒的游戏有没有办法恢复MC的阳刚 转变有点快;没搞清楚MC各个阶段的区别


I am in love with this game Desi Dee, playing this new patch with gusto, but I can't wait for we be able to learn magic and maybe see Beryl again.


Glad you liked it! I am writing Beryl back in (planned for next release - but don't hold me to that). She will be a bit of an easter egg.


So what more changes can we expect to the MC. I really want to start learning magic.


While the gameplay is good and the concept is nice, I don't like that the execution includes turning the MC into essentially a child character(at least with the body of a child) and then having Sex scenes with that said child character.

Turn off for me.

(1 edit)

I'm sorry to hear you didn't like it. For what it's worth, the character only gets smaller, never regressing in age mentally or physically. Furthermore, all sex scenes are consensual between adults.

I would considered the mc becomes petite woman  since its a common thing where mature Asian mostly have short builds on their adult age iirc though since this is still in development the mc still going to grow her breast further and more adult looking


yay finally new patch is out, I enjoy the new style for the witch and I like the mc can be more girly in the transformation, looking forward for more bust size and longer hair changes though will there be a menu where I can see the mc full body from head to toes?

(1 edit)

Two of those three are definitely coming. There are three more bust sizes planned, and two more hair styles. Unfortunately, the avatar images I have are only bust-up, so I won't be able to show full-body images for the mc. Sorry!

I see, though during the changes every time I made the mc nude the tank top always comes back every changes and I had toggle it again every time. Is it possible to patch the mc to stay nude for the rest of the changes?

Interesting suggestion, I hadn't considered that as an option. Will look at the feasibility in the code. Thank you!

no problem happy to make more ideas to make the game more enjoyable 



Very much looking forward to it!


Me too.  Love DesiDee's games, especially what I've played of this one so far.


sorry to sound like im bugging you. but how much more time? are you getting close?


It's no bother, I'm the one that keeps missing deadlines. Yes, getting close! And sorry for keeping you waiting! Thank you for your patience!

Will it be possible to increase Cassandra's bust size? Or is the breast expansion tag only tied to transgender progression?

Sorry, no plans to do any transformations on Cassandra, only on the main character

I love this so much! Any updates on the next update? 

Getting close! Next portions are all written (finally!). Needs to be coded in and then tested.

How big of an update are you planning for? Anyways glad to see movement on this looking forward to playing. 

There’s 50+ pages of new content - a new character, searching and finding a few potions, walking in the woods, reading/studying about the lore, and going into town. 


Anything about further transformation

Yes, four new body transformations, two with images on the avatar (because upper body), and two with text only (because lower body). In addition, the character can become fully female. 

Any idea when the next update is???


Probably still another month-ish. Apologies, I got a new job, and while that's good news overall, it has left me with less time to work on games recently.

In addition, the next update will have a good chunk of content, and I didn't want to leave anything half-done.

Really appreciate your patience! This project hasn't been (and won't be) forgotten!!


Of course it is not and won't be Forgotten, that was your last game!

...I'm deeply sorry for this pun, I couldn't stop myself XD.

Ha ha! Fantastic!


Can't wait for next update.


Sorry it's taking so long! The next update will have quite a bit of content, but it's taking longer than I expected. Still working on it!

Thank you for your patience!!!

whats the eta on that?

(1 edit) (+1)

After the red hair change its almost impossible to do all the choirs. Perhaps create some way to help speed things up. Perhaps by learning magic later?


This game is utterly amazing, and I am so happy to play it, but fuck me the time feels impossible, the plan ahead stuff feels painful at times. This is especially when it comes to the water stuff, the horny time losses feel overwhelming, and I feel unable to anything considering it feels like I do one task then it’s up to 15 instantly. Yet it’s so rewarding to finally do it perfectly and just right.


Thank you very much for the comment, it's really helpful to hear. To be honest, I'm a bit unsure how to move forward with the game difficulty - so this is great feedback. Thanks!

add a little more time before she returns or make things need less time and that should do because after the first task i cant complete them fully only start the fire and clean room and sweep but dusting is always left

I only played this game just within this week and I already love it, I can hardly wait for when more content comes around for this!

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! The next update will take a little longer - lots of content, code updates...and I took most of the holidays off from production. Still working on it though!


This is a very promising start :) I'm excited to see your plans about the game's future updates. Good luck!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much for your comment! It's my first try at releasing an incomplete game, definitely a new experience.

(1 edit) (+1)

There might be a reason you've chosen not to do this, but you can make this game (and Perchance to Dream) playable within your itch.io page by changing 2 things:

  1. Set the "kind of project" parameter to HTML when editing the Itch.io project page
  2. Upload the zip again, but with any name other than the name of your downloadable version, and with the HTML file (little...0.0.hmtl) renamed to index.html

(You might also want to change the embed mode to "click to launch in fullscreen.")

Thank you for the advice. I definitely plan to make it playable here when it's complete.

Is it even possible to pass the 3rd day? You may have enough time if you weren't getting horny, but you keep losing time because you are horny.

Thanks for the comment, it is not currently. There is a bug which is accidentally doubling the horny number. That said, there is no additional content beyond the third day.

I plan on having more content and fixing that bug in the next release - though it may take a little while to get it out.

Thanks for your question and your patience!



.zip don't work for android

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm sorry for the trouble, it looks like the game is not yet ready for mobile. It will be playable on this page in the future, but I've removed the tag for now. Very sorry to get you excited for nothing! Please check back again later, as I fully plan to have this playable on mobile.


Great game! Can't wait for the next update.

Thank you so much! Much more to come!


You did a great job, i'm excited to play more

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

I cant get it work right I android

I'm sorry for the trouble, it looks like the game is not yet ready for mobile. It will be playable on this page in the future, but I've removed the tag for now. Very sorry to get you excited for nothing! Please check back again later, as I fully plan to have this playable on mobile.


pretty good

Thank you!

Really fun game can't wait for the next update

Thank you so much for the positive comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it!